Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Religiously Exhausted

Huffiness of the gods
Miocene ponderable
Life got started too late
Blood had already gone
Renowned as blue
Underhand heart of no one
Magistrate of hate
Indeed a lovely girl
Beautiful smile, broken heart
Gloomy look at the emunctory system
Discrepant information
I´ve been seriously slingshot
Stump orators killed
Always off my stroke
Between acts rustic sluts
Ordain moslem to mazurk
Fickleness of esperantists
Hopelessly devoted to you
Bayoneted by canasters
Clawed clear-sighted
Ready to die
My cutaneous love
Gratifies her prosecutor
By the theft
Teutonically raised
Thankful to the wounds
At your rock-bottom price
Precocious precept of oblivion.

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Rafaella Marques said...

é um inglês latinizado??