Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Seven Giants

Then I left the first giant and ran

What I saw was a bunch of leopards coming after me

Since I had no voice all I had to do was fall down

My face against the sands

My eyes couldn’t get opened

Until I had a Coke to drink

And I drank

And I drank

And I was eating meat

And meat was eating me

It was eating my legs and I liked it

I was happy and crying

I cried for love

I cried for hatred

And I saw digital pieces of myself running away

And I laughed

My hair was dark and I was such a huge princess

And my armed guard was cutting off my tongue

And I blinked

I blinked

He came into me I came unto him

God knows what

All the water inside of me was boiling

And my hands were flying

I was a happy child then

Then it all stopped

All at once

And I was cooking bananas and fighting off the second giant

He was puking at my face and I saw the world in green

My eyes were green

And he slapped my face

And I fell down

Right to the floor

And I liked it

The third giant was weak

And I slapped all over his face

I perforated his eyes and he bled

And bled

And bled

And I liked it

Then I drank all his blood and went ahead

Then I did away with his cock and left him with nothing good

And went ahead

Then I saw the fourth giant come

And he was armless

And then I thought where the hell do these giants come from?

And he asked me for help

And I slapped him in the face

Then a bunch of lizards started to follow me

And it was an island

And there was no coffee

My skin colour was the same as theirs

And I was a lizard

And I blushed

They wanted me

I shot them all

And they didn’t die

Then I saw the fifth giant among them

And he was like a drag

And I thought God help me

But God didn’t come and I ran

Ran Ran Ran For My Life

Then I was on my knees trying to pray

When the giant kicked my back

And I fell

And I liked it and I went mad

Everything was spinning

My head was spinning like a wheel

And then I was peeing

And then I was pooing

And then I was fussing

From where the sixth giant came

And I laughed a lot at his face and he slapped me

And tried to rape me

But he was not that allowed

And he cried

And cried

And cried

And I smashed him in my hands and ate him

And the seventh giant came from my throat

And I felt he didn’t exist

I felt my throat didn’t exist

I could see that this world didn’t exist

My voice and my hair didn’t exist

My eyes didn’t exist and I fell down

Right to the ground

And there I stayed for long and long

And there didn’t exist

And the ground didn’t exist

And I didn’t exist

The gun and the tongue didn’t exist

My dreams didn’t exist

And then I sat down and tried to reorganize my ideas.

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Sabrina said...

essa é a léo! gostei, vc não vai traduzir?