Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hidebound me

Doing things higgledy-piggledy
And suffering from every drop of my blood
No tutorships allowed
With a vague sense of what is wrong, I go
Open the fingerprint
The fingers I was given to touch with
So you see my copious whimper so barefacedly
My dad a gaunt dotard
My mom an ewe on the flock
Everyone takes care of the inaptitude in me
They mourn, I move my namby-pamby ass
In every nook and corner I know it
My ordnance down
My eyes up
My property pledged
I cum and I cum and I cum
Men after me so pro rata
And I regardless on what they say
I saunter so salty holding my unhealthy life
I use strange hands
I use a strange body
I go westwards.

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